Tim Ehst, CAA – 2017 Region 1 Athletic Director of the Year

Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association

Tim Ehst, CAA – 2017 Region 1 Athletic Director of the Year

Mr. Tim Ehst, Athletic Director of Dock Mennonite Academy, has been named the 2017 Pennsylvania Region 1 Athletic Director of the Year.

Mr. Ehst has been at Dock for the past 39 years, teaching health and physical education, and has coached in several sport programs.  Tim has served as Dock Athletic Director for the past 31 years.

Throughout those 31 years, Tim has made significant contributions to the Dock Athletic Program. He developed an athletic department that grew from 8 sport offerings to the 16 sport programs now competing at the high school level. Along with this expansion, he implemented a single booster club concept that has grown into a vibrant organization serving all student-athletes and teams. Recently, the booster club dedicated an annual financial commitment to sponsoring a Varsity News Athletic Web Page. This web page benefits all our sports teams, and has greatly enhanced ability to honor and promote Dock sport programs as well as communicate with parents.

Tim’s leadership and influence also enabled the design and building of a new gymnasium and fitness center complex, as well as a multi-sport turf field and track facility. Not only have these facilities greatly enhanced the athletic experience for Dock student-athletes, but have also given Dock opportunity to host league invitational and showcase events, as well as many district and state playoff games.

Tim has prioritized professional development of coaches during his years as athletic director. He is an ACEP Coach Principles Instructor, and has offered this course as a tool to his Dock coaches, who in turn can draw on it as an ongoing reference for shaping coaching philosophy, forming teaching skills and developing motivational and management abilities.

Tim has not only influenced the experience of coaches, but also of student-athletes. He has been instrumental in shaping an athletic culture where the gifts of student-athletes are valued; where those gifts are developed through strong teaching of sport skills and strategies; and where the lessons of sports are translated into life-values. Tim has also actively promoted student-athlete participation in multiple sports and the importance of playing for team over and above individual accolades.

During his tenure, Dock has grown athletic participation to 65% of its student body, and has won numerous league, district, and state championships.

As a coach, Tim led Dock’s Boys Basketball Program for 18 years, followed by 16 years heading up the Girls Basketball Program. Prior to Tim taking over the girls’ program, Girls Basketball did not have a winning season in the 26 years preceding his tenure. Under his leadership, girls’ basketball achieved 15 winning seasons and one season with a 500 record.  During his 34 years of coaching basketball at Dock, his teams won multiple league and district championships, as well as qualified for state playoffs on numerous occasions. Tim’s combined basketball coaching record is 482-370.

In addition to coaching basketball, Tim has coached cross country, track and field, boys’ soccer and softball at Dock.

Tim has spent the past 31 years serving the Bicentennial Athletic League through several roles. He served as vice president and president, as well as numerous sport chairperson and district committee roles. Over the past ten or more years, Tim has served as the BAL Recording Secretary, Sportsmanship Chairperson, and League Scheduler. He also served a 4-year term representing the league as a PSADA Delegate.

In addition to his work with the Bicentennial League, Tim initiated the formation of the Independents Boys Volleyball League and has served as league president for the past 16 years.

Tim is married to Sheryl, of 40 years. A dedicated oncology nurse, avid runner, and committed mother and grandmother, Sheryl has been a wonderful partner and source of support throughout the years. Tim and Sheryl have particularly enjoyed their joint hobby of “adventure cycling” --a great way to enjoy their friendship and get away from the demands of their careers.

Tim and Sheryl are proud parents of Angela, Lisa and Krista, three wonderful sons-in-law’s, and seven energetic grandchildren.