Dock Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Katie McGoldrick – Pace University (Soccer)


Final list of colleges: Pace, Southern Connecticut, Adelphi, Eastern

Reasons for choosing Pace:Location and has my major.

What was the progression that led you to playing soccer at the collegiate level?“I started playing soccer when I was little. My sister Kellie, who is a year older than me, started the same time I did so we basically grew up playing soccer in our basement.  I have had my ups and downs, whether it’d be coaches, teammates, or my mentality.  I actually got to the point of quitting club but physically could not stay away from messing around with the ball. It wasn’t until my junior year when I joined a club called FC Revolution that I considered playing in college. 
“My sophomore year I researched colleges, and Pace sounded like a perfect fit.  I visited the campus, got goose bumps and said, ‘I have to come here,’ but was not sure if I would play soccer.  I started emailing the coach, inviting him to see me play for my club team FC Revolution.  I e-mailed him for a year and a half and never received a response.  I began giving up hope about playing in college.  One day I received a mass e-mail from the Pace coach inviting me to ‘recruit day’ on December 5th along with twenty other girls.  I decided to go just for fun, and afterwards the coaches invited me into their office and told me that they would like me to play for Pace. I was completely caught off guard!  The rest fell into place.
“I am incredibly grateful for Dock, because it changed me as a person in more ways than I can even explain.  I am not the same person I was when I transferred halfway through my sophomore year. I am happier and more energized.  This has carried over into soccer and improved me not only as a person, but as a player and teammate.  I really have to thank all of my coaches I have ever had, because I would not be where I am without them.  I have to give a special thanks to my club coaches Eric Puls and Mike Moyer.  I also have to thank Coach John Cardacin because he has pushed me harder than any coach I have ever had, and without him, I would not be playing soccer.

From the coach: “Katie is a very free spirited and creative soccer player. She analyzes and expresses her opinions to solve situations on and off the field. Her skills and passion to play the game will be a big contribution for her to be successful in the collegiate game.”
                     --Ray Hess, Dock Head Girls Soccer Coach


Shea Neal – East Stroudsburg University (Soccer)

Major:  Early Childhood/Special Education

Reasons for choosing East Stroudsburg: “Perfect fit for my major and a successful, well-rounded soccer team.”

What was the progression that led you to playing soccer at the collegiate level?I’ve always felt a passion for soccer. Ever since I was little I could see myself playing at a competitive level. My life revolved around soccer since I was about four years old. There were times when I was frustrated and angry, but the thought of quitting never entered my head. I was never sure what division or where, I just knew I’d be playing until I was physically unable to. A lot of people find it difficult to give 100 percent all of the time, but I find it hard not to. I don’t know how to give any less or slack off when it comes to playing. Making sacrifices as a competitive player is an understatement. If you commit to play, it’s that over everything else. It was hard at first, but it’s something that I learned to understand. I didn’t choose my college until the end of soccer season senior year. I was continually looking at any and every possibility and had no idea how to narrow my choices down. I don’t know how it exactly happened, but things clicked when I took a visit to ESU. After talking to the coaches and thinking about all of the things that led me to that place, I decided to take the opportunity.”

From the coach: “Shea is the best overall soccer player to attend Christopher Dock High School. Her physical, technical, tactical, and psychological ability enable her to play every position on the field. She has a good rapport with teammates and understands what it takes to make the team better. Her ability to practice at game speed will set an example to be an outstanding collegiate soccer player.”
                    --Ray Hess, Dock Head Girls Soccer Coach


Taylor Schwoyer – University of Albany (SUNY) (Field Hockey)

Major: Biology

Final list of colleges:  Albany, Wake Forest, Richmond

Reasons for choosing Albany:“I was comfortable at Albany. The team and coaches are great. I've grown to see it as a second home from going up all the time to watch my sister Brianna play there (graduating 2013). I have always wanted to be part of a top Division 1 team, and Albany is just that. I like that they have a smaller roster, and I'll be challenged to become better as a player and as a person.”

What was the progression that led you to playing collegiate field hockey?  “I've been playing club at High Styx since about fifth grade.  I have been blessed to be with such a talented group of girls. I’ve been to five National Festivals, winning two times and I’ve been to the National Indoor tournament seven times, winning four times. I've done summer camps at colleges for years, and I did Futures from sixth grade through 10th grade. I was able to go and be in National Futures Championships twice, which enabled me to get some great coaching at Futures Level 1 sites. I have been playing year round since seventh grade, and that has allowed me to get tips and learn how to play well. I’ve had more coaches than I can count, and I'm so thankful for everything that they've done for me and taught me, especially my club coaches Sylvia Shunk, Ashley Pultorak and Joyce Angstadt. They have put in so much time teaching me and helping me become a better player. I would not be in the position that I'm in if it wasn't for my High Styx years, so if there are any kids out there aspiring to play in college, my best advice is to play club and get your name out. It will pay off in the end if you put the work in for it. 
“My high school coaches have changed almost every year, but they all have made a great impact on me. They've taught me how to be a leader on and off the field. My coaches always expected a lot from me, so that pushed me to make sure that I was being the best player I could be. Michelle Waldspurger was my coach this year, and she whipped our team into shape. She loves the sport of field hockey, and she made a lot of things happen this year that I couldn't have expected. I'm so grateful for her and Pam Sherry for making my senior year of high school hockey amazing. I've always wanted to go Division 1 for as long as I've been playing competitively, and all these experiences led me to committing to Albany last year in January 2012.”

From the coach:  “Taylor has excellent stick work, reads the game well, and works hard. Every opponent that we played this past season knows who Taylor is because she is a dominant force on the field.  She was Most Valuable Player of the Bicentennial Athletic League and also named First Team All State for Class AA.  She played center midfielder for us this past year, and she helped lead us to a winning season and to the second round of AA Districts.  Taylor plays field hockey year around for her club team High Styx, attends camps, tournaments, and clinics to elevate her game to the next level.  I remember watching Taylor in sixth grade at Harleysville Hockey Camp, and I knew then that she was going to be a great player.  Six years later I had the opportunity to coach her again for her senior year at Dock, and it has been a lot of fun watching her play.  We are going to miss her next year. Taylor's hard work has paid off for her, and she has the ability to excel at the Division One level like she has the past four years on varsity at Christopher Dock High School.  I'm proud of everything she has accomplished so far, and I look forward to watching her play next year at the University at Albany."
                    --Michelle Waldspurger - Head Field Hockey Coach at Christopher Dock HS