Basketball - Girls: MaST Charter vs Phil-Mont Christian Academy (1/12/2017)

MaST Charter vs. Phil-Mont Christian Academy

Home Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
January 12th 2017 Basketball - Girls League Game No

MaST Charter Comments

MaST 8,2,17,16=43
Phil-Mont 9,10,18,19=56
Allyson Holtz 11, Mackenzie Murphy 2, Amaya Vazquez-Natale 10, Shannon Buddendorf 2, Megan Mayer 2, Kate Fowler 14, Melina Prinos 2
Lauren Tipton 14, Jael Jackson 12, Ariana Price 4, Julia Johnson 7, Rebekah Dalton 2, S Rennix 6, Z. Priestley 11
Player of the Game
Allyson Holtz was double teamed all night and did a great job being the coach on the floor when our team became in foul trouble and girls were having to play positions that they were not used to. She ended up with 11pts, 5 assists and 7 steals.