Basketball - Girls: MaST Charter vs Upper Moreland (1/7/2019)

MaST Charter vs. Upper Moreland

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
January 7th 2019 Basketball - Girls Non-League Game No

MaST Charter Comments

Mast 4,6,12,4=26
Upper Moreland 6,11,20,13=50
Amaya Vazquez-Natale 7, Katelyn Fowler 2, Molly Farrell 6, Brianna Buckley 2,
Alexa Murphy 9,
Upper Moreland
Phoebe Longstreth 11, Kathryn Morrow 5, Kaiya Herb 5, Kaitie Opferman 1, Emma Meakim 4, Abby Ellen Wood 2, Bean Hugher 15, Hannah Finn 6, Kelley Leighton 1
Player of the Game
Alexa Murphy is becoming more and more confident each game. She shot 4 for 7 tonight with 9pts. She also had 4 rebounds and 2 steals. But it's more then numbers and stats, her ability to make something happen, start fast breaks and take a big off the dribble is what is starting to have her stand out against other centers.