Field Hockey - Girls: Dock Mennonite Academy vs Jenkintown (10/17/2016)

Dock Mennonite Academy vs. Jenkintown

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
October 17th 2016 Field Hockey - Girls League Game No

Dock Mennonite Academy Comments

Dock vs Jenkintown @ Dock
Dock won 5-0
halftime 4-0
Dock shots - 21
Dock offensive corners - 3
Dock goalie saves - Liz Wanamaker- 6
Dock defensive save - Jill Bolton
Jenkintown shots - 7
Jenktintown offensive corners - 8
Jenkintown goalie saves - Courtney Todero - 16
1st half break down - Dock goal Anna Gwiazdinski (24:08) assist Kate Strickland, Dock goal Jill Bolton (22:08) assist Macy Balmer, Dock goal Jill Bolton (14:24) assist Jess Schmidt, Dock goal Kate Strickland (9:02) assist Anna Gwiazdinski
2nd half break down - Dock goal Kate Strickland (23:54)
Dock Coach Michelle Waldspurger - "We were able to come out and score early on, forwards had some great passing combinations and shots on goal"
Dock Record - 16-1 overall, 13-0 league next game away @ Plumstead on Wednesday