Golf - Boys: Jenkintown vs Dock Mennonite Academy (10/10/2017)

Jenkintown vs. Dock Mennonite Academy

Home Team

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
October 10th 2017 Golf - Boys League Game No

Dock Mennonite Academy Comments

Our final match of the season was away at Upper Dublin Golf Course and we ended the season with a win against a young Jenkintown team. I'd like to recognize Sam Thompson for his steady growth as a player over the 4 seasons he has been on the team. Although Sam was not regularly mentioned during the post game write-ups, he worked hard to learn and has a good mental capacity for golf. He was always smiling and having a good time when golfing.

Kurt Clemens - 43
Brody Moyer - 45
Davry Longacre - 47
Calvin Derstein - 51
Sean Kearney - 51