Soccer - Girls: Dock Mennonite Academy vs MaST Charter (9/15/2016)

Dock Mennonite Academy vs. MaST Charter

Away Team

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
September 15th 2016 Soccer - Girls League Game No

Dock Mennonite Academy Comments

In the famous words of Matthew McConaughey, "Well alright, alright, alright." Dock girls soccer finally got it alright in today's 3-1 victory over visiting MaST Community Charter School for their first win of the season. The victory came at the feet (more like the hat, as in hat-trick) of one Megan Swintosky. The team's conundrum as of late is scoring goals. So scoring three in one game is manna from heaven.

Swintosky's first goal came at the 15:30 mark in the first half. Less then thirty seconds later, Docks defense was caught flat with MaST midfielder Elizabeth Purcell , ball at feet, racing toward's Dock's goal. Dock keeper Audrey Schweizerhof was able to turn aside the first attempt, but parried the ball back in the path of Purcell who didn't waste the second opportunity. So the game, that shouldn't have been a "game" , is now a game. The half ended 1-1.

Swintosky was not finished though. Ten minutes into the second half Swintosky picked up an errant MaST pass about thirty yards away from MaST's goal and struck the ball like it was hit with a Callaway XL driver. Before one could say "holy cow, Dock scored again" the ball was already in the back of the net. Swintosky's third goal would come off a corner kick 34:00 minutes into the half. Towing over her opponents and teammates, Swintosky's first header attempt was denied by the cross bar. But fate smiled upon her, as the ball rebounded back into her path where her second header attempt hit its mark.

With a congested schedule, Dock has little time to bask in the glory of their first win, as Lansdale Catholic comes to town tomorrow.

Saves: A Schweizerhof (DMA) = 3; S Wolfenden (MCCS) = 12

Dock 1, 2 - 3
Mast 1,0 - 1

MaST Charter Comments

Allyson Holtz #13 scored her first goal of the season.