Soccer - Girls: Faith Christian Academy vs Dock Mennonite Academy (9/22/2016)

Faith Christian Academy vs. Dock Mennonite Academy

Game Date Sport Game Type Overtime
September 22nd 2016 Soccer - Girls League Game No

Faith Christian Academy Comments

Goal- Kayla Buckman

Dock Mennonite Academy Comments

The 6-0 drumming by Lansdale Catholic was still lingering in their heads like a migraine headache as Dock's girls soccer team entered tonight's competition against Faith Christian Academy. That kind of loss can weigh heavily on one's confidence and really cut the legs out of a teams morale; even more so when you have experienced it twice before in the same season.

In thinking on this game, I am reminded of the lyrics of a Ringo Starr song: "It don't come easy, You know it don't come easy." Such is the theme of any win this team is going to conjure up this season. And you know, it doesn't matter, they will take the win any way it comes - ugly or beautiful; hard or easy; by one goal, or a dozen (well, maybe not a dozen but lets say more than one).

This teams "faith" in each other was on the line tonight. To add to the challenge, the condition of the field was such that one thought they were playing on the lunar surface. Adversity revealed the character of this team as they took control of the game, ramping up their intensity and dominating possession of the ball unlike any game before. All this possession generated twenty shots on goal to Faith's four, After several failed attempts, senior Megan Swintosky scored her fourth goal of the season.

Dock found a second goal from the most unlikely of sources.Finding open space in front of your opponent's goal when a corner kick is being taken is a rare find indeed. But somehow, that is where Sierra Shore found herself. And when the ball promptly landed in her vicinity the green light to "shoot" came on and she responded in kind, earning Dock a second goal. One shot, one goal! Gotta love it.

Faith managed to half the score, but Dock held on for the win. Let's hope this win boosts this team's confidence and morale as they will need it heading into tomorrow' match against Harriton.